Why grumpy?

Again and again people ask me why I always say that there is no such thing as good morning and why I’m grumpy in general.

“You know”, I say, “with my job I (am) …

  • Look for problems
  • Find problems
  • Talk about problems
  • Supposed to find as many problems as I can
  • Supposed to find most serious problems (like crashes) and talk about them
  • Afraid I miss important problem
  • Afraid that problem will be found not by me, but by someone else
  • Expected to win a “race” and find more problems with feature or product than everyone else
  • Nervous if I find too few problems
  • Think where more problems can be found
  • Motivate / instruct / learn how to find even more problems
  • Better remember every problem I found in years of my experience, as some problem somewhere can be the same or found with the same means / ways
  • I should not believe anyone, unless I really see only minor change with my own eyes. Even if one of the programmers says that he talked to the designer and checked with her, I should not believe it, I should check with designer myself (and find some minor but problems).

“If here were no problems, you would not see me here”, I add, “Because where there are no problems, people don’t need to hire me”.

If they persist, I ask “If you were given $1,000,000 yesterday, would we talk now?”. Most just laugh. “Good morning is where would you be if you were given $1,000,000 yesterday. But you are here. That means that something is not good”.


My first page at WordPress

Hello there! My name is Roman Podolyan I work in Software Testing and this blog is dedicated to testing and mostly computer stuff I come in touch and want to write in blog about.

My work in Software Testing lasts for 10 years so far, during that journey I found some interesting things to share and write about, and gathered some experience, which, I hope, will be useful for some readers.